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Charles Forbes - Founder

Operations Director

Charles Forbes was born in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas in 1994 and is a Canadian resident. During the course of his career, Charles gained valuable experience within the IT industry in various leadership positions in Ontario-based companies such as Tech reset, Alta E solutions, and Jump +. While his background might be tech-based, his love for cooking and wanting to share his products with the world, inspired him to start Island Sauce. As the Operations Director, he oversees Island Sauces day to day operations.

Darryl Hylton 

Sales Director

Darryl Hylton was born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada In 1994 and is a Canadian National. After his studies at George brown college, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Darryl began his professional career in real estate as a residential real estate agent and Property development manager. Joining Island Sauce back in February of 2020 as Director of sales, Darryl is responsible for managing all day-to-day sales operations for Island Sauce.  

Christopher Rolle 

Accounting/ Finance Director

Christopher Rolle was born in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas in 1994 and is a Canadian Resident. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and began his professional career as a CPA at an accounting firm based in Toronto before joining Island Sauce back in February of 2020. As head of Accounting/Finance, Christopher oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, treasury, investor relations, internal audit, and tax functions at Island Sauce. 

Sharano Hanna 

Marketing Director

Sharnao Hanna was born in Nassau, New Providence The Bahamas in 1995 and is a Canadian Resident. After his studies at Niagara College in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, Canada, he began his career in marketing and sales holding various leadership positions at local medical companies before joining Island Sauce in February of 2020. As head of the Marketing group, Sharano leads a talented and creative team focused on Island Sauces advertising, internet presence, package design, and other consumer-facing marketing.

Some of our customers 


Here at Island sauce, we pride ourselves on trying to bring you the most authentic and premium Caribbean sauces possible from our kitchen to yours.
With a diverse blend of different Caribbean herbs and spices in all of our products, paired with a distinctive look and sense of style in each one of our product designs, Island sauce will not only satisfy your taste buds but brings you a sense of urbanity while doing it.  

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